Reserve the Rock


NO REFUNDS. NO EXCEPTIONS. The PTO does not give refunds on the rock under any circumstances (weather, school closures, pandemic, schedule conflict, etc.). The Charger Rock is a fundraiser for our school, and these funds are included in our budget for the school year.

  • All reservations are made online only through our reservation system. Reservations usually go live around the end of July/beginning of August each year. However, an official announcement will go on our school's PTO Facebook page once the reservation system is live for the new school year. Make sure you are a follower of our Facebook page to receive the latest updates.
  • When the online system opens, all school days will be listed for reservation.
  • Reservations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Please keep in mind, that the earlier you make your reservation, the more likely you are to secure your desired date(s). Additionally, there are typically 180 school days per year, and we have over 1,400 students, so please be understanding if the date you request is unavailable.
  • Any individual, team, event, or business may be the subject of the Charger Rock for a limit of three days (in succession or not in succession) per calendar month. Anyone not abiding by this rule will have their reservation cancelled less any fees incurred by the PTO.
  • What is painted on the Charger Rock must be in good taste and may not contain any foul language, discriminatory, religious, and/or political statements and/or symbols. Profanity and obscenities are not permitted.
  • Character Counts here in St. Johns County; all messages should be affirming! Designs should have a caring and nurturing message. All wording and symbols must be positive.
  • The rock runs on the honor system, with the hopes that everyone will respect these guidelines.
  • Families, groups, or organizations must furnish their own labor, paint, and supplies to paint the rock. NO SPRAY PAINT IS ALLOWED ON CAMPUS PER ADMINISTRATION. Please only use “standard” paint on the rock – no puffy paint, no glue, no chemicals, etc.
  • The family, group, or organization painting the rock assumes liability for any individual or member of the group/organization who may be injured or who incur clothing or other personal property damage.
  • ONLY the rock can be painted. Painting on sidewalks, lamp posts, or buildings is prohibited. Any damage or destruction to the surrounding areas or buildings will deem the family, group, or organization financially responsible for cleaning and repair costs. THIS MEANS ALL PAINT SUPPLIES MUST STAY IN THE GRASSED AREA AND OFF THE SIDEWALK.
  • You may start painting the rock at 4:00 PM on the day before your reserved date(s). (i.e. If you reserved the rock for a Tuesday, you may start painting at 4:00 PM on Monday evening.) The school gates will be locked at 9:00 PM daily. Therefore, you will need to paint the rock between 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM the day prior to your reservation. Rocks reserved for Monday should be painted the prior Friday between 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM. It is recommended that our painters park in the teacher lot (the entrance is located off Islesbrook Parkway) if you will be painting after 7:00pm.

Due to school holidays, etc., some dates require you to paint earlier (see below).

09/05/23 - Please paint on 9/1 due to Monday holiday.

11/13/23 - Please paint on 11/9 due to Friday holiday.

11/27/23 - Please paint on 11/21 due to Thanksgiving holiday.

01/16/24 - Please paint on 1/12 due to Monday holiday.

02/20/24 - Please paint on 2/16 due to Monday holiday.

04/22/24 - Please paint on 4/18 due to Friday holiday.

  • If the weather is inclement, plan on painting with an umbrella in hand. Sorry, no refunds. If you can't paint the rock on your reserved day (conflict in your schedule, forgot, moving, etc.), try to trade with another family at the school. Please mark your calendar!
  • “Renter” supplies all painting materials. Suggested supplies:
    1. Latex paint (exterior) one to two quarts for background color.
    2. a “rough” roller works best for covering the background
    3. a secondary paint (exterior) color for the wording
    4. small (1”) brushes or sponges work well for lettering
    5. *Painting Tip* - Bring a piece of chalk to write any letters/words before painting!
  • Bring a large trash bag to take home all items as you will need to properly discard all painting supplies at home and not on school grounds. Used paint cans are not to be placed in the campus trash bins or dumpsters. Please dispose of paint cans properly and off campus.