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PTO Committee & Event Volunteers

At Patriot Oaks, we love volunteers!  Below is a description of several committees that are looking for volunteers.  If you are interested in joining one (or more) of these committees, please click the PTO Committee & Event Volunteers button below and fill out our Volunteer Interest Form.

In order to be an approved volunteer at Patriot Oaks Academy, you must fill out the St. Johns County Volunteer Application.  You can find more information about that application on our Volunteer Requirements page on the website.

Already working on a PTO committee? Assisting a teacher by assembling projects at home? Don’t forget to keep track of all of your hours spent doing volunteer work for our school anytime you do work outside of the school! All of the hours you work can help us achieve recognition as a Five Star School! If you have any questions, please contact Allison at  Submit your volunteer hours outside of the school HERE.

8th Grade:  Do you have a student in 8th grade?  Help in planning the special activities and events for Patriot Oaks' most senior class.  

Book Fair:  We have book fairs scheduled for the fall and the spring.  Volunteers will work with committee chairs to set up, work, and take down the book fair.

Box Tops:  This committee will help in the collection, cutting, and organizing of Box Tops, Labels for Educations, and Tyson A+ labels.  We look forward to having you join our team!

Business Partners:  This committee coordinates partnerships with local businesses that will support the needs of Patriot Oaks Academy and in return these businesses are supported by the Patriot Oaks Academy community.  The committee will promote businesses, monitor contributions, and ensure that proper recognition is given to all business partners.

(Donation Drive) ChargerTHON:  ChargerTHON is Patriot Oaks Academy’s very own fundraiser…and one of our largest! Volunteers are needed to help plan and organize this event and assist with promoting the event to our students and families.  Help will also be needed during the event to distribute prizes and collect funds.

Family Bingo Night:  This committee will be planning and organizing a fun bingo night for the entire family.  Committee members will assist with preparing for the night, coordinating and distributing food, and helping the night run smoothly!

Membership Fulfillment:  Volunteers are needed in the first two months of school to help with data entry and distribution of membership items.

Middle School Events:  This committee plans and organizes middle school socials and dances sponsored by Patriot Oaks PTO.  Have a middle school student?  This would be a great place to get involved!

Patriotic Events:  This committee will plan both Patriot Day and Veteran’s Day programs as well as Month of the Military Child Celebrations.

Red Ribbon Week:  This committee will help with plans and decorating for the Just Say No to Drugs and Bullying Week at Patriot Oaks. This event happens in the fall.  Just say YES to our committee.

Spirit Sticks:  Volunteers will be needed to assist in selling and distributing spirit sticks.

Spirit Wear:  Volunteers will help sell spirit wear inventory at back to school orientation and other events during the school year and also assist with distributing orders to student classrooms when needed.

Spring Carnival:  This committee will be planning and organizing a spring carnival event for the entire family.  Committee members will have the opportunity to help with games, coordinating food, and more!   

Teacher & Staff Appreciation:  This committee recognizes our awesome employees throughout the year. The committee chairs would love your help as they organize the activities. The main focus is an entire week in late February thanking our teachers & staff for all they do.

Welcome Tours:  This committee assembles welcome packets for families that enroll after school has started.  Is hospitality one of your gifts?  This committee is for you.

Important: In the event your check bounces for any event/item, you will be required to pay the original amount required and the bank fee within 48 hours.

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