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Attached are the general PTO agendas and meeting minutes.


February:  Agenda - Minutes

April:  Agenda - Minutes


February:  Agenda - Minutes

April:  Agenda - Minutes

August:  Agenda - Minutes

October:  Agenda - Minutes


February: Agenda - Minutes

March: Agenda - Minutes

August: Agenda - Minutes

October: Agenda - Minutes


January: Agenda - Minutes

February: Agenda - Minutes

April: Agenda - Minutes

May: Agenda - Minutes

August:  Agenda - Minutes


January:  Agenda - Minutes

March:  Agenda - Minutes

April: Agenda - Minutes 

May: Agenda - Minutes

August: Agenda - Minutes

October: Agenda - Minutes


April:  Minutes

September:  Agenda - Minutes

November:  Agenda - Minutes

Important: In the event your check bounces for any event/item, you will be required to pay the original amount required and the bank fee within 48 hours.

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